Monmouth County: Why Acid Wash Swimming Pool Surface?

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acid wash swimming pool

Over time, algae and other microorganisms as well as chemical residue can build up on your pool’s surface. A swimming pool acid wash will remove years of grime from your pool, refreshing its look and giving it a brand new appearance.

Coronado’s Pool Renovations is an expert company serving Monmouth County. We also provide service to surrounding counties in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. In the business for over 25 years, acid washes are one of many types of renovations that we are proud to offer to improve your pool’s look and feel.

What is a Swimming Pool Acid Wash in Monmouth County?

Coronado’s crew are experts at swimming pool renovation, including acid washes for pools. But what exactly is an acid wash? We’ve broken down our process:

  1. First, we empty your swimming pool, draining all of the water. The acid wash will be sprayed on the pool’s walls, so we need to clear away water for direct access.
  2. Next, the walls of the pools are carefully sprayed with the acid wash.
  3. The acid wash will clear out algae that can build up in porous plaster.
  4. After the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, the acid wash is rinsed from the pool. All excess water and matter is then cleared from the pool.
  5. Finally, your newly sparkling clean swimming pool is ready to be filled back up with water. Enjoy swimming in your freshly and fully cleaned pool!

The entire process can be completed rather quickly. This means there is minimal loss of time you can be spending enjoying your pool! Acid washes are also 100% safe; we use nontoxic chemicals that are safe for you, and any surrounding grass, plants and other greenery will not be harmed during the process. Our acid wash will not leave a strong smell. The only thing left behind after our acid wash is complete will be a beautiful, fully cleaned pool ready for your enjoyment.

To keep your pool clean year-round, practice basic pool sanitation. Our guide to keeping your pool clean will help outline things you can do easily by yourself to help prevent build up and stains.

Coronado’s for Quality Monmouth County Swimming Pool Acid Wash

When it comes to swimming pools, Coronado’s hasis a team of professionals who are the best in the business. Completing beautiful and high quality pool renovations for over 25 years, we’re a team you can trust to bring out the best in your pool. To schedule your swimming pool acid wash, or any other swimming pool renovation such as resurfacing your pool, call us today at (215) 723-5885 or email us at