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Over time, pools get dirty. It’s a fact of life. But with some help from Coronado’s Pool Renovations, you don’t need to live with unsightly stains marring your backyard oasis. As commercial swimming pool renovation experts, the team at Coronado’s has years of experience revamping old pools. In this blog, we’re sharing our insights regarding pool stains and how to handle them:

What Causes Pool Stains?

There are two main categories of pool stains. The first are organic stains. These are caused by leaves, critters, and other natural debris that may fall into an outdoor pool. The second type are chemical stains. Chemical stains can result from copper pipe corrosion or contaminated well water.

Why Should You Remove Pool Stains?:

First off, they’re simply unattractive. No one wants to present a dirty pool to their friends and family come summertime. But more importantly, chemical stains can be hazardous to the health of swimmers. You wouldn’t want to drink a glass of rusty water, so why on earth would you want to swim in it?

How Do You Remove Pool Stains?

Organic stains are fairly easy to remove. Homeowners can clean these up themselves with a gentle application of chlorine. Furthermore, you can stop organic stains in their tracks by using a pool skimmer to remove fallen leaves and other debris from your pool regularly.

However, chemical stains are much tougher to eradicate, often requiring special tools and techniques.  Over the years, Coronado’s has developed effective, environmentally-friendly methods to clean up chemical stains. Additionally, our commercial swimming pool renovation professionals will determine the source of the stains and prevent them from reoccurring.

Coronado’s: The Best Commercial Swimming Pool Renovations Team in Town

Coronado’s Pool Renovations is a family-owned and operated business. We’ve handled Philadelphia area pool tiling, pool re-plastering, pool resurfacing, pool renovations, and pool coping for over twenty years. Our staff is highly qualified, as all of our employees receive hands-on training and mentoring by owner Jose Coronado. Additionally, our company is a certified member of the National Plaster’s Council and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Quite simply, when you hire Coronado’s for a job, you’re getting the best in commercial swimming pool renovations.

Interested in hiring us for your pool maintenance and renovation needs? You can reach Coronado’s at (215) 723-5885 or online via our website.