commercial swimming pool renovationsAt Coronado’s Pool Renovations, we work on both residential and commercial renovation projects. Our commercial clients include schools, daycares, community centers, swim clubs, hotels, spas, water parks, apartment complexes, colleges and more.

Common Commercial Swimming Pool Renovations

Your pool doesn’t have to be falling apart to warrant renovation. You can simply wish to update the tile or coping, or give it a fresh look. For many commercial spaces, especially those in the hospitality industry, the aesthetic of their grounds is very important to their business. That includes the pool!

Here are some of the common renovations we make when doing commercial projects:


  • Re-plastering. If you’re looking for a smooth, neat surface for your pool, re-plastering is the way to go. We have several options to choose from when it comes to picking a beautiful finish for your pool. First, we inspect the pool for hollow spots and chip/cut into the existing plaster as needed. Our expert plaster applications then use a hand trawling technique to make sure the surface is perfect. They will ensure the proper preparation and post-plaster procedures are followed.



  • Tile & Coping. This process usually begins with the removal of your existing tile and coping. We’ll help you pick the right options as far as style and material go, and once we’ve decided on the design, our installation contractors will take the necessary steps to prepare, install and solidify your tile and coping.


Contact Coronado’s to Begin Your Commercial Pool Renovation Process

Wishing your building’s pool looked more like the after picture? We can help! Begin the process by reaching out to us for a consultation. We’ll assess your pool, discuss your needs, and figure out a plan for renovating your pool to look the way it should!

View our gallery of before and afters for inspiration, and then email us at or call us at 215-723-5885 to get started. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!