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Montgomery County pool owners may choose a swimming pool quartz finish to add a sparkling and dazzling touch to swimming pools. Refinishing your pool with a quartz finish is a great way to reinvent your pool. Anyone looking for a drastic change in pool appearance for 2018 can benefit from refinishing their pool with quartz!

Coronado’s Pool Renovations offers a number of fine, quality quartz finishes and the experience needed to apply finishes in an expert manner. Our courteous and efficient team always maintains a professional demeanor, keeping communication open so you know what to expect as far as cost, time and procedures are concerned. Consider Coronado’s for a great experience in professional pool finish application.

​Available Types of Swimming Pool Quartz Finish

A popular choice for swimming pool finishes, quartz adds a shiny and reflective element that adds a truly special touch to any pool. Quartz is also extremely tough, making for durable pool finishes that stand up to many years of use. Coronado’s offers a number of superior quality finishes that contain quartz, including:

  • Diamond Brite: Contains natural quartz aggregates that shine as brightly as a diamond when they catch and reflect sunlight. Diamond Brite is also one of select finishes Coronado’s offers that comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Maui Gem​​​: ​Ceramic-coated quartz and rounded mini pebbles come together for this beautiful and smooth finish. The smoothness of the surface of this finish provides a level of comfort for swimmers’ bare hands and feet.
  • Quartzscapes: This finish is made up of beautiful natural quartz pieces as well as mineral-based pigmentation for richly colored final looks. Quartzscapes is available in different hues, making it a great choice for anyone looking to add sparkle and color to their pool.

For help choosing the best finish for your swimming pool, to discuss color options or other related topics, don’t hesitate to reach out. Professional staff at Coronado’s are available to offer advice and schedule free in-person consultations to help explain our services and better understand your needs.

​Expert Swimming Pool Quartz Finish Applications

Coronado’s Pool Renovations is guaranteed to help get your pool looking its best in no time. Quartz finishes are a favorite amongst pool owners, but be sure to ask about other types of finishes we offer that may better suit your tastes. Let Coronado’s help you to bring new life to your pool in the New Year!

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