SunStone Pearl Pool Plaster Finish

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SunStone Pearl Smooth Pebble Pool Finish

SunStone Pearl smooth pebble pool finish takes any pool to new heights of dazzling luminescence. This unique new finish combines delicate hand-selected pebble aggregates with reinforced white Portland cement. The result is a pool finish that feels as smooth as the surface of a precious pearl.Sunstone-Pearl_Aqua-Pearl

Made with CLI’s most durable materials, SunStone Pearl’s 6 color combos, including Black Pearl and Aqua Pearl, provide a luxurious finish that will revitalize and soothe for years to come. As one of the most beautiful and time-tested surfacing formulas ever created, SunStone Pearl is a technological advance in natural beauty.

The brilliance of a deep-sea pearl… right in your own backyard. That’s SunStone Pearl.

SunStone Pearl Features

Durable Aggregate
Wear Resistant
Custom Colors and Texture
Easy to Maintain

SunStone Pearl Colors

SunStone Pearl Colors