SunStone Select Pool Plaster Finish


SunStone Select Exposed Aggregate Pool FinishSunStone Select Colors

SunStone Select delivers a brilliant, color-fast surface with a wonderfully smooth feel. Using the proven SunStone Select formula, vivid colors are created by adding a smaller, rounded, easier to apply and expose color particle. The tighter matrix resulting from this smaller, rounded quartz stone ensures a smoother, more colorful and richer overall pool environment.

Permanent Beauty and Comfort

Rounded, smaller color particles create vivid, unexpected color. The more comfortable, smaller stones create a much smoother surface than large-particle aggregate finishes. SunStone Select can be your answer to colored plaster problems. Pigment loss from high oxidizer levels and UV exposure is eliminated by the use of permanently color-coated quartz. Wear-resistance makes SunStone Select a must for heavily used family pools, speciality pools, water-features and commercial installations.

SunStone Select Features

Durable Quartz Aggregate
Wear Resistant
Custom Colors and Texture
Easy to Maintain

SunStone Select Colors