Doylestown Hotel Swimming Pool Renovations

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hotel swimming pool renovations

A hotel’s swimming pool is often a big attraction for guests, especially in the summer season. Hotel swimming pool renovations may just be the key to modernizing your hotel and attracting new guests. With renovation options ranging from professional cleaning to refinishing projects, there’s an option for every budget. Schedule your pool renovation project today to see those hotel rooms book up fast!

Hotel Swimming Pool Renovations in Doylestown

Whether your hotel pool is in need of minor repairs and updates or a total makeover, Coronado’s can take on the job. Some of our many services that are perfect for hotel swimming pool renovations include:

  • Repair or Replace Pool Coping: Swimming pool coping, or the cap that runs along the top of a pool’s edge, sees a lot of wear and tear. It’s important to keep your coping in topnotch condition for safety reasons as well as visual appeal.
  • Deep Cleaning: A professional cleaning, whether an acid wash or chemical stain removal, is a quick and easy way to refresh a hotel pool. Deep cleanings clear away stains and build up due to algae or harsh pool chemicals, and freshen a pool’s look. Chemical stains can also potentially pose a health hazard; having these stains removed ensures safety of all guests who enjoy your hotel’s swimming facility.
  • Update Pool’s Finish: Refinishing a pool may seem like a daunting task, but it’s a sure way to make a pool look and feel brand new, with a modern and refreshed appearance. Available in a vast array of styles and color schemes, choosing a new finish to achieve the look you want for your hotel’s pool has never been easier.

If your pool area is already under construction, Coronado’s can help finish the job. We are pool contractors who can aid other pool renovation companies that may not perform plastering, coping, or tiling.

Coronado’s for Quality Hotel Swimming Pool Renovations

For quality swimming pool renovations in hotels or any other setting, trust Coronado’s Pool Renovations. Our team is dedicated to achieving the best in pool renovations. We are certified to work in Doylestown as well as elsewhere across the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.With 25 years of experience, our crew can handle any pool renovation tasks. Get in touch today to learn more about what services we offer or to get a free estimate for your pool renovation project.

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