Krystalkrete Pool Finish

Krystalkrete French Gray Finish

Krystalkrete Super Blue

Krystalkrete Teal

Krystalkrete Tahoe Blue

Krystalkrete Ebony

Krystalkrete Midnight Blue

Krystalkrete Midnight Blue Quartz Finish

Krystalkrete, Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes

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Krystalkrete, Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes are blends of enriched White Portland cement and special Quartz aggregates.
Krystalkrete offers the pool builder an alternative to conventional pool finishes by using combinations of different quartz sizes
and colors, as well as, a variety of pigments. Krystalkrete® is available in many attractive colors which allows the pool builder
and homeowner limitless flexibility in tile and accessory selection. Although application and finishing techniques are not difficult
to learn, Krystalkrete® is intended for use by professional applicators.

Benefits of Krystalkrete

  • Proven Durability
  • Extremely Etch Resistant
  • High Compressive Strength AquaGem Color Quartz
  • Traditionally or Spray
  • Applied Easy Maintenance