KrystalKrete Quartz Finish for Cumberland County Pools

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When it comes to pool finishes, the options can be overwhelming—but we hope we can make it fun for you! One of Coronado’s Pool Renovations’ top sellers is KrystalKrete. This finish is a mix of Portland cement with factory-blended crystalline aggregates enhanced with sparkling colored quartz.  KrystalKrete is an exposed aggregate pool finish that not only comes in a variety of beautiful hues and styles, but offers functionality as well. When choosing a finish for your pool, consider KrystalKrete for a high-quality finish that is designed to capture the eye as well as stand up to the test of time.

Why Choose KrystalKrete for Your Cumberland County Pool?

When deciding on which type of finish is right for your swimming pool, consider the many reasons that KrystalKrete is a favorite among our clients. The benefits of choosing KrystalKrete Quartz Finish for your pool finish include:

  • Durability: KrystalKrete is highly etch-resistant and built to last. This is a great finish option for pools that get a lot of traffic.
  • Variety: The textured look of the quartz in this finish adds a level of interest and variety to pool areas.
  • Rich Hues: Available in a broad range of rich, deep colors such as ‘Ebony’ and ‘Midnight Blue’ and in natural tones such as ‘Beach’ and ‘Supreme’, there’s sure to be a hue you can’t resist.
  • Attractiveness: With its deep coloring and intricate quartz-inlaid detail, KrystalKrete adds a new dimension of depth and intrigue to your pool, increasing both its beauty and value.

Pool finishes come in a seemingly endless number of possibilities, with different colors, materials and styles from a variety of different brands. To learn more about the KrystalKrete brand or our other finishes, or for any other pool renovation related questions, please feel free to contact the helpful and friendly staff here at Coronado’s Pool Renovations. We’re here to help!

Coronado’s: KrystalKrete Professionals

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