Picking a Chlorine Alternative

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Chlorine Alternatives

There are several reasons you may want to stop using chlorine in your pool. Chemical itches, pains, sore eyeballs, chlorine allergies, or motivation to use more environmentally friendly solutions are all great reasons to consider some other pool cleaning options. Here are some popular alternatives, along with a short explanation of what they offer in comparison to a strict chlorination system.

  • Ozonators. These systems use UV rays or corona discharge to create a sort of “ozone layer” in your pool. They are most effective in dry climates, however, and won’t work as well for humid areas.
  • Natural minerals. Natural mineral sanitizers, like the Nature2 Express, use minerals like silver and copper to keep your pool clean in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Bromine. This is another chemical that should perform similarly to chlorine. It may, however, still be preferable to those with a chlorine allergy.

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