Indoor Pool Cleaning Tips: What You Need To Know

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Bucks County Pool Cleaning

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Indoor Pool Cleaning

Over the winter months, many pool owners close their pools and don’t think about pool care again until next summer. However, indoor pool owners still might have regular upkeep and maintenance to do. Sure, your indoor pool might see less use when it isn’t hot outside, but unless you close it down completely, it still needs regular upkeep. Here are some of the ways you want to always be sure to care for your indoor pool through the quieter winter months.

  • Clean your filters. Even if your pool is seeing less use, it is important to check up on those filters every few months. Don’t forget about them, or you could run into trouble down the line!
  • Oxidating/shocking. Remember to regularly check the chlorine level in your pool, and oxidate it if you have to. This will eliminate waste that cannot be caught by filters.
  • Brushing. Brush down the walls of your pool every few weeks to prevent algae growth and mold.

Of course, routine cleaning won’t suffice in every case. Some stains and larger issues will always need to be handled by professionals. To see some of the specialized cleaning services that we have to offer, check out our waterblasting and acid washing pages.

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