Hotels Swimming Pool Renovations for the Upcoming Summer

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Do you own a hotel in Pennsylvania? Now is the time to schedule your hotels swimming pool renovations as you prepare for the summer season. Summer is quickly approaching, despite the snow that continues to fall in the state, which is why you need to be ready for all of your guests before it’s too late. Owning a hotel comes with a lot of work. Even if you stay open throughout the year, you likely close the pool for the winter months. The experienced and trusted team at Coronado’s Pool Renovations, Inc. is here to get your pool ready for the summer months.

Inspect the Pool

Our team will come to your hotel and inspect the pool for any problems that might have developed between the time you closed the pool to now. Any issues that are found will be documented and explained to you in detail, including how they might have happened and what we can do to remediate the problem so the pool is ready for the summer season.

Upgrade the Pump

Was the pump for your pool struggling to operate effectively towards the end of last summer? If so, we can upgrade the pump before the new summer season. Don’t go into a busy season with an old pump. You don’t want to have to close the pool in the middle of the summer season if guests are expecting to go for a swim upon their arrival at your hotel.

Install New Steps or a Diving Board

Do the steps in your pool need to be renovated? Is the pool deep enough for a diving board? If the steps are cracking or have broken away from the side of the pool, we can install brand new steps for your hotel pool. If the pool is deep enough, we can install a diving board or replace the one that is already there, should it need to be replaced.

Schedule Renovations Today

If the pool at your Pennsylvania hotel needs to be renovated, now is the time to schedule an appointment for service. Call the trusted team from Coronado’s Pool Renovations, Inc. today at 215-723-5885. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your hotels swimming pool renovations performed! Make it an unforgettable summer season.