Maui Gem Pool Plaster Finish

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Maui Gem Quartz Aggregate Pool Finish

Maui Gem is a collection of highly durable quartz aggregate pool plasters. Colored aggregates bring pool finishes to life. Maui Gem finishes go beyond the competition by using multiple colors and sizes of aggregates in each design. Multicolored quartz creates a variegated layered look that brings depth to the pool’s finish. Precisely graded quartz will trowel tight and creates the smooth plaster.

Aggregates are made with 100% ceramic coated quartz, mini pebble accents and no uncoated silica sand.
Maui Gem Color Packs are made with 100% inorganic pigments. Maui Gem has proprietary additives plantblended into our aggregate bags. We custom modify troweling characteristics of Maui Gem plasters to
improve plaster aggregate exposure.


Aggregate: impervious to pool water chemicals. Tightly controlled aggregate sizing for smooth feeling plaster. Blend of multiple colors adds dimension to the plaster. Color: Inorganic, UV stable, chlorine resistant, acid resistant

Maui Gem Pool Plaster Finish Colors

Maui Gem Sample ColorMaui Gem Sample ColorMaui Gem Sample Color