Olympic Swimming Pool Renovations for Your College

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The most common place you will find an Olympic-sized swimming pool is at a local college or university. Academic institutions typically have pools of this size because they have swimming teams that compete against other schools at the local and national levels. In order to host a swim meet, the school will need to have a pool that meets league and association regulations, all of which require pools that are Olympic size. Below, you will find a list of common Olympic swimming pool renovations that the team at Coronado’s can perform for your college or university.

Olympic Swimming Pool Renovations

The team at Coronado’s Pool Renovations has the experience, tools, and training to perform a variety of renovations for your Olympic swimming pool, so you don’t have to worry about how and when the repairs will be made. Some of the repairs our team can make include the following:

  • Resurfacing of the pool
  • Repair or replacement of the pool heater
  • Reconstruction of concrete steps
  • Replacement or repair of diving boards and seats
  • Replacement or repair of metal ladders or steps
  • Leaking pump repairs
  • Repairs to the automatic pool skimmer
  • Lighting issues in and around the pool
  • Leaks in the lining of the pool
  • Complete restoration of the pool
  • Removal and replacement of concrete surrounding the pool
  • Repairs to the tile on the interior pool walls

Requiring repairs to an Olympic-sized swimming pool can be stressful, especially if the pool is newer and you haven’t needed repairs yet. It’s important to have an experienced and trusted renovation company at the ready to make the repairs your pool requires so there is as little downtime as possible for the pool. We know that you might need to reschedule or postpone swim meets, so our team will diagnose the issue and make the repairs in a prompt manner so your pool can reopen as soon as possible.

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