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Swimming Pool Pebble Finish

If you’re looking to install a swimming pool pebble finish on your Warminster pool, you’re in luck! Pool professionals Coronado’s Pool Renovations offer expert pool finish application services in your area, and we offer many types of beautiful pebble finishes to choose from. Pebble finishes are great for anyone looking to add a durable, natural and resilient touch to a swimming pool. These finishes vary greatly depending on which style you opt for, but all are visually intriguing and contain interesting textures that will make your pool a popular swim spot.

Varieties of Swimming Pool Pebble Finish

Many types of swimming pool finishes contain pebbles. Not only do pebbles offer a durable material for pool surfaces, but they also add a natural look that is desirable for swimming areas. Types of pebble finishes available for application by Coronado’s team include:

  • StoneScapes: A​ favorite amongst pool owners due to stunning, natural finishes, StoneScapes is a popular choice. Available in a variety of colors and sizes (choose from Mini Pebble Finish or Regular Pebble Finish), StoneScapes finishes will stand up to many years of use while retaining its natural beauty.
  • River Rok​​​: ​Tumbled-smooth pebbles and a wide selection of color options make this a favorite pool finish.
  • Maui Gem​: ​This finish contains mini pebble pieces along with ceramic-coated quartz for a truly stand-out and colorful look.
  • M​other of Pearl​: ​Ocean pebbles and sea gems come together for this dazzling, one-of-a-kind finish.
  • SunStone Pearl​: ​As beautiful as it is durable, SunStone Pearl Finish contains pebbles that have been carefully selected to complement any pool area.

Having trouble deciding what type of finish will look best in your pool area? Contact Coronado’s to get more detailed information about finish make-ups, maintenance and more. You can also schedule a free in-person consultation where members of our team can provide you with samples to make the decision a little easier. Get in touch to see how we can help revitalize your residential or commercial swimming pool.

Coronado’s Offers Swimming Pool Pebble Finish & More!

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