Salt or Chlorine: Which System is Best for Me?

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swimming pool acid wash

Main Line pool owners know the importance of treating pool water for sanitation and the safety of swimmers. However, the choice of what to treat water with is up to you. Comparing salt and chlorine treatments can help pool owners to determine the best option for their needs. Other ways to get your pool clean include regular pool upkeep and occasional professional services like a swimming pool acid wash.

Main Line Pool Water Treatment

Factors to consider when debating between pool water treatment options include:

  • Cost: Chlorine tablets are typically used to maintain healthy levels in pools. These tablets are fairly affordable, although automated feeders can be a bit costly. Saltwater pools require higher upfront fees since a chlorine generator will need to be purchased in addition to salt.
  • Availability: Although salt and chlorine are two of the most common pool treatment options, your location may determine whether or not these are both options for your pool; some municipalities don’t allow salt water pools since they want to avoid large deposits of salt being added to local waterways.
  • Harshness: ‚ÄčChlorine has a notoriously strong chemical smell that can be irritating to some people; however, it’s important to note that both salt and chlorine treatments utilize the same disinfectants. Saltwater pools make use of a chlorine generator that produces chlorine from the salt added to the pool. That being said, saltwater tends to leave skin feeling softer.
  • Safety: Both salt and chlorine treatments provide the sanitation your pool needs to prevent harmful levels of bacteria and algae from gathering.
  • Storage: For either method of water treatment, keep in mind storage needs. Chlorine feeders need to be refilled every 1-3 weeks, meaning pool owners will need to make sure to have enough chlorine tablets on hand to refill as needed. Heavy bags of salt will need to be kept on hand for saltwater pools.
  • Maintenance: No matter which method of pool water sanitation you opt for, testing for pH levels and proper care and treatment of water will be necessary. Pools maintenance also includes regular cleanings including vacuuming, skimming and changing of filters.

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