When to Fix Swimming Pool Issues

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Owning a swimming pool is one of the best things a homeowner can have because of the relaxation it offers. The spring, summer and fall seasons in Pennsylvania offer plenty of opportunities for pool parties, nighttime swims, and even early-morning dips. There’s nothing quite like going for a swim in your own pool at your leisure. You also have to know when it’s time to fix swimming pool issues so they don’t worsen to the point of ruining your pool.

The Pool is Always Dirty

If the pool is always dirty you might have something wrong with the filter. When no amount of cleaning the pool with the mesh leaf rake keeps it clean, you need to take a look at the filter. The filter might need to be repaired or replaced. There also might be something stuck in the filter that prevents it from properly cleaning the pool.

The Water Can No Longer be Heated

Do you have a heated pool? If so, the biggest sign that something has gone wrong is when the water can no longer be heated. This means that something has stopped working in the heater. You should have an experienced pool contractor take a look at the heater and make the necessary repairs so you can enjoy a nighttime swim without feeling too cold.

Tiles are Cracking

Have you noticed that the tiles around the edge of the pool’s interior are cracking? If so, it means that they were either installed incorrectly or that water is getting behind them. You need to replace or repair cracked tile as soon as possible or risk them falling off the walls of the pool.

Water Levels are Low

Have you noticed unexplained low water levels all of a sudden? Your pool could be leaking through the floor or through a drain plug in the pool. It’s best to have an experienced pool contractor come take a look to find the exact issue with the pool so you don’t lose anymore water.

Contact a Pool Contractor Today

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