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When it comes to the finish on your swimming pool, we know you want the best. That means a smooth finish with no cracks or holes, something that dazzles as the water is hit by the light. At Coronado’s, we’ve used trusted brand SGM on thousands of pool finish projects, because we believe they have a superior product.

SGM’s catalog of pool finishes includes a variety of colors in four key textures, Diamond Brite, Diamond Brite Watercolors, River Rok and Durazzo. These elegant finishes can go a long way toward making your pool an attractive and comfortable place to be.

Why We Love SGM Swimming Pool Finishes

We take a lot of pride in the work we do, and that includes the type of product we use to complete our projects. Here’s why we like SGM swimming pool finishes:

  • Unbeatable texture. Finishes like River Rok can transform your pool into a natural, pebbly wonderland. Choose from colors like Harbor Gray, Baha Sand or Blue Opal to combine the perfect color with the perfect texture of real, natural pebbles. For those looking to seamlessly blend your backyard with nature, this is for you.
  • Wide color variety. All of SGM’s finished come in a large selection of colors, so you can achieve the desired look of your pool and match it to the rest of your outdoor space. For example, the Durazzo finishes come in Desert Sage, Slate, Ocean Floor, Gulf Blue, French Gray and Cerulean Seas—all made with a premium marble aggregate for a smooth surface.
  • Shimmering brilliance. If the goal is to stun your visitors with the sheer elegance of your pool, SGM has the answer. The Diamond Brite finishes are comprised of a high-quality quartz aggregate which makes them not only shine, but also incredibly durable.

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