Swimming Pool Safety Rules For New Pool Owners

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Pool Safety Rules-of-Thumb

We take community seriously, and when it comes to a home fixture like pools, safety should always be a major concern and priority for any group of people. Every pool is different, and every pool may require different special practices in order to ensure safe operation. However, there are a few surefire rules that will apply in almost all pool settings.

  • Limit running around the edge of pools. Poolside coping will often become slippery when wet, and falling on concrete or stone can be potentially catastrophic.
  • Do not use glass near pool. Whether it’s bottles or glassware, the brittleness of glass combined with the danger of shattered glass makes it inadvisable to use on the rough, unyielding brick and concrete of pool coping. And shattered glass is dangerous enough, but if any shattered glass gets in the pool, then you have a disaster on your hands due to its low visibility.
  • Do not swim while drunk. This increases the odds of drowning, or being subject to other life-threatening accidents astronomically.
  • Wear goggles to limit chemical exposure for your eyes.

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