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If you’ve got a summer to-do list of things to fix, swimming pool should be at the top. There are a variety of types of pool repair, many best left to professionals who have been carefully trained in the field of pool services. From fixing and replacing broken tile to replastering a pool, swimming pool repair is an important part of pool upkeep.

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Pool repair helps to create an inviting atmosphere for your pool area, which is crucial for commercial pools and residential pools alike. Fixing your pool can also help to prevent serious injuries that sharp edges and loose or uneven pool plaster or tiling may cause. Types of swimming pool repair include:

  • Tile Repair: From minor chipped tile to tiling that’s loose or missing, Coronado’s has you covered. We’re pros at repairing and replacing tiling and even matching hard-to-find tiles to create a seamless look in your pool area.
  • Coping Repair: Coping runs along the entire length of a pool, acting as a frame and capping where the pool wall meets the top edge. Since this part of a pool can receive a lot of wear and tear from swimmers gripping the edging and entering and leaving the pool by climbing over the coping, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for areas that need fixing up.
  • Replaster: ​Pools that have worn out, rough or uneven plaster will be greatly improved by a replaster job. Replastering will vastly change the appearance of your pool, and it gives pool owners the opportunity to really customize the pool’s look. Choose from many fine finishes by StoneScapes, SGM and CLI to turn a drab pool into a work of art.
  • Resurfacing: Before applying a new finish, pool surfaces will need to be smoothed and rid of old plaster and debris. Resurfacing will get pool surfaces down to a clean slate, ready for the application of a new pool plaster.

Swimming pool repair may be made to fit any budget. Be sure to discuss your pool’s level of damage and areas in need of attention with a professional to find the best solution for your needs.

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For all types of swimming pool repair, you’ll want to hire pros who will get the job done right. Coronado’s Pool Renovations is available to fix any kind of swimming pool, no matter the type of damage. Pool owners across the states of NJ and PA, including Salem County, will want to take advantage of our 5-star rated high-quality and always-courteous services. We hope to hear from you soon!

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